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Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis has eleven Clubs located in Marion County.

Facility-based Clubs

Keenan-Stahl, located at 1949 E. Troy Ave. 317-784-4561

LeGore, located at 5228 W. Minnesota St. 317-241-0557

Lilly, located at 801 S. State Ave. 317-632-2010

Wheeler-Dowe, located at 2310 E. 30th St. 317-926-4222

School-based Clubs

Francis Scott Key, located inside Francis Scott Key Elementary School IPS 103

George Buck, located inside George Buck Elementary School IPS 94

Jonathan Jennings, located inside Jonathan Jennings Elementary School IPS 109

Riverside, located inside Riverside Elementary School IPS 44

Francis Bellamy School/Charles Warren Fairbanks, located inside Francis Bellamy School IPS 102

Liberty Park, located inside Liberty Park Elementary School, Warren Township

Stonybrook, located inside Stonybrook Intermediate Academy/Middle School, Warren Township



Staff Helping Member With HomeworkAll children ages 5-18 may join the Boys & Girls Club for a fee of $10 during the school year.  Club members wishing to attend summer programming will be charged an additional fee.  To download the membership form, click here.

Come & Go Policy

Club members may enter or leave the Club at any time during the hours of operation.  Parents who wish for their child to remain at the Club, must instruct their child to stay at the Club.  It is not the responsibility of the Boys & Girls Club.

Visitor Policy

Boys and girls are invited to experience our programs and tour our facilities.  A child is allowed one free visit.  If the child wishes to return, a membership card must be purchased.

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