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Alumni Relations

Reconnect with Your Club!

Join our growing alumni organization and be a part of special events including reunions, volunteer efforts, newsletters, and more! Alumni can remain integrated in the clubs in different engagement levels.



Alums from BGCI are able to volunteer or mentor the youth we serve after completing a background check.


Organize Events

BGCI alumni can help at our annual events such as: Fore the Kids, Blue Door gala, Adult Recces, and club specific events as needed.



Many scholarships are available for rising alumni (high school age) and alumni. Please get in touch with us at for more information.

Be a Member for Life

Did you know that 1 in 19 living Americans is a Club kid? The support and connections you received at the Club don’t stop when you’re an adult. If you were a Club Kid, you know firsthand how life-changing Boys & Girls Clubs can be. Now you can help the next Club Kid reach their great future! Reconnect and give back through Alumni & Friends.

Connect with your local Club and Club alumni from around the world.

Be eligible for scholarships, mentorships, career advice and more

Volunteer, mentor and help Club kids succeed. Club kids are members for life! Join the Alumni & Friends community and make a difference for Clubs and kids.