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Sponsor an Event

When your company or organization becomes a sponsor of Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis events, you help elevate your brand’s visibility while making a profound impact on the lives of local children. 

Help Shape the Future!

Our comprehensive sponsorship guide provides detailed information on the various levels available, each offering unique benefits tailored to suit your philanthropic goals and promotional needs. From exclusive naming rights providing maximum brand exposure, to prominent logo placement granting widespread recognition, our events provide a powerful platform for your brand to shine. At the same time, your contribution plays an integral role in sustaining essential after-school programs for local youth.

Download the PDF to learn more about the various sponsorship levels and benefits, as well as the positive influence your support can have on the community. Take the first step towards creating a lasting impact on the lives of children in Indianapolis by exploring the countless possibilities available to event sponsors. Championing the futures of young minds while showcasing your commitment to corporate social responsibility is a win for everyone.

Shape the future