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Safety Overview

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis (BGCI) has several safety goals, policies, and forms. Please follow this link to read the complete safety manual. Below is a brief overview.

Safety is the number one priority for BGCI. To ensure this, Club members, their families, team members, and the Leadership Team all have a part to play. Club members are asked to follow the rules at the Club and to check in and out at the front desk. Club members’ families are asked to communicate with the staff about their youth’s arrival and departure at the Club, express any concerns they may have with Club staff, and to be considerate of the items their youth bring to the Club. Lastly, the team members and Leadership Team will work together on training staff in basic emergency action, communicating issues with families, and conducting drills throughout the school year.

The best way to ensure safety is preventative action. All full-time Club team members, along with over half of the part-time team members, are certified in First Aid and CPR. They are also trained in supervising all program areas, making sure that all program supplies are safe, and keeping the youth-to-staff ratio to 15:1 in small program spaces and 20:1 in larger spaces such as the gymnasium and Games Room areas.

The Crisis Manual reviews the aspects noted above, along with detailing preventative steps, interventions, and post-crisis items. It covers medical emergencies, violent behavior, facility safety, and other emergencies/threats.